About Us

What Distinguishes Us as a Firm?

Let us share feedback that we feel fortunate to hear frequently
and which we value greatly.

"..consistently viewed as an organization that cares about the schools it serves..."



We bring to you:
Our knowledge as successful consultants with over 400 schools nationally and internationally.
Our perspectives as former heads, senior administrators in diverse schools across the country.
Our work as trustees.
Our understanding as parents of independent school students and faculty.


    Design of Customized Solutions


    What all independent schools have in common is that they are independent and they do face many similar issues…but how they handle them depends upon individual factors. We spend time first to truly understand your school and what you want to accomplish – then we design a process to achieve your goals.




    We may not always tell you what you want to hear, but we will always share with you what you need to know. That is how we have earned the trust and respect of our clients. Our goal is the success of your school.


    Educational Directions Incorporated was created in 1986 by Christopher Arnold, Stephen DiCicco and Chalmers Handy to respond to the need for a different approach to educational consulting — one that would respect the individual requirements of each school’s mission and culture.

    We provide consulting for chief executive and senior administrative searches, governance, institutional advancement (enrollment and development) and customized projects.

    We publish two executive search reports — The Blue Sheet and The Green Sheet.

    As a company, we have grown carefully and strategically.

    By choice, we are a small firm to ensure shared values of service.  

    By design, we network nationally and internationally to ensure that we bring global resources to your school and project.

    We connect daily with one another and we share resources and ideas on behalf of each others’ clients.

    We volunteer our services to strengthen independent education by service on boards, and by presenting at national, international and regional conferences.

    Our main office is in Rhode Island with colleagues working out of Maine and Florida.