Candidates Overview

Our company is built around the goal of advancing school leadership.
So, we are interested in you.

I continue to appreciate the valuable counsel you gave me during the period
I was looking at head of school openings. Your professionalism and attentiveness put you
head and shoulders above the other search consultants with whom I worked.

Staying Informed about the Possibilities

As a service for those interested in leadership positions and for schools looking for leaders, we publish 2 executive search reports.

The Blue Sheet - the only search report listing chief executive openings for independent schools in the United States, as well as a growing number of international and charter schools.

The Green Sheet - for senior administrative openings in independent schools, nationally and internationally, plus a growing number of charter schools.

As an added value, subscribers are able to enter information about themselves in our secure, confidential database — one of the many tools that we use when searching for appropriate leaders for our client schools.

Raising Your Own Visibility

Let us know who you are! We welcome the opportunity to meet with you face to face. As a closely-knit company, by meeting one of us, you will quickly become known to all of us.

We have worked hard to achieve a reputation for being trusted by those interested in advancing their careers. By knowing you, as well as knowing our client schools, we are able to counsel you as to whether the opportunity is the right “fit” given the needs, challenges and culture of a school. You may not always agree with our opinion, but you can trust us to tell you candidly what we think.

And, if you are a candidate in our searches, you can expect the same high quality of attention and detail that we bring to our client schools. From your papers through the interview processes, we will advocate to strengthen your candidacy.