Client List 


Searches for July 2018
Episcopal Day School, Pensacola, FL  (infant-8, coed day, 410 students)
The Fenn School, Concord, MA (4-9, boys day, 340 students) — completed
Greenhills School, Ann Arbor, MI (6-12, coed day, 526 students)
Holy Child Academy, Old Westbury, NY (EC-8, coed, day, 220 students)
Lake Forest Country Day School, Lake Forest, IL (age 2-grade 8, coed day, 400 students)
The Miami Valley School, Dayton, OH (EC-12, EC-12, 480 students)
Notre Dame High School, Lawrenceville, NJ (9-12, coed day, 1104 students)
Oldfields School, Glencoe, MD (8-12, girls bdng & day,180 students) — completed
Ridgefield Academy, Ridgefield, CT (PS – 8, coed day, 293 students) - completed
Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep High School, San Francisco, CA (9-12, coed day, 1325 students)
The Thacher School, Ojai, CA (9-12, coed bdng & day, 257 students) — completed
Woodstock Day School, Woodstock, NY (N-12, coed day, 197 students)

Searches for July 2017
Bishop Garcia Diego High School, Santa Barbara, CA (Grades 9-12, coed, day, 255 students)
Bridgton Academy, North Bridgton, ME (grades 12 and PG, boys, boarding, 161 students)
Cornelia Connelly School, Anaheim, CA (grades 9-12, girls, day, 170 students)
Cristo Rey Kansas City, Kansas City, KS (grades 9-12, coed, day, 400 students)
Emma Willard School, Troy, NU (grades 9-12, girls, boarding/day, 359 students)
Fort Worth Academy, Fort Worth, TX (grades K-8, coed, day, 200 students)
Friends Academy, North Dartmouth, MA (grades PS-8, coed, day, 250 students)
Green Mountain Valley School, Waitsfield, VT (grades 7-12/PG, coed, boarding/day, 130 students)
Helios School, Sunnyvale, CA (grades K-8, coed, day, 119 students)
Henry Viscardi School, Albertson, NY (PreK-12, coed, day, 175 students)
Holy Child Academy, New York (EC-8, coed, day, 220 students)
La Reina High School & Middle School, Thousand Oaks, CA (grades 7-12, girls, day, 570 students)
Lacordaire Academy, Upper Montclair, NJ (grades PreK-8, coed; 9-12 girls, day, 233 students)
Marin Primary and Middle School, Larkspur, CA (grades PK-8, coed, day, 370 students)
Notre Dame Schools, Chardon, OH (grades PS-8, coed; 9-12 girls, day, 1300 students)
St. Mary’s Academy, Englewood, CO (grades PK-12, coed, day, 761students)
Tandem Friends School, Charlottesville, VA (grades 5-12, coed, day, 246 students)

Searches for July 2016
Audubon Charter School, LA (grades PreK3-8, coed, day, 840 students)
Benjamin Franklin High School, New Orleans, LA (grades 9-12, coed, day, 879 students)
Cathedral High School, Indianapolis, IN (grades 9-12, coed, day, 1,293 students)
Convent of the Visitation School, Mendota Heights, MN (coed PS-6; girls 7-12, day, 608 students)
The Covenant School, TN (grades JK-6, coed, day, 150 students)
Culver Academies, Culver, IN (grades 9-12, coed, boarding/day, 800 students)
Dana Hall School, Wellesley, MA (grades 6-12, girls, day/boarding, 466 students)
Dedham Country Day School, Dedham, MA (grades PK-8, coed, day, 245 students)
Holy Cross High School, NY (grades 9-12, boys, day, 761 students)
New Hampton School, New Hampton, NH (9-PG, coed, boarding/day, 305 students)
Pennsylvania School for the Deaf, PA (grades ECH-12, coed, day, 200 students)
Riverbend School, South Natick, MA (grades 15 months – Grade 8, coed, day, 185 students)
School of the Holy Child, Rye, NY (grades 5-12, girls, day, 309 students)
St. Joseph’s Academy, St. Louis, MO (grades 9-12, girls, day, 550 students)

Searches for July 2015
Carmel Catholic High School, Mundelein, IL (grades 9-12, coed, day, 1,350 students)
Chatham Day School, Chatham, NJ (grades PS-8, coed, day, 171 students)
Doane Academy, Burlington, NJ (grades PK-12, coed, day, 230 students)
Emma Willard, Troy, NY (grade 9-12, girls, boarding/day, 359 students) Interim Search
The Kew-Forest School, Forest Hills, NY (grades K-12, coed, day, 330 students)
The Masters School, Dobbs Ferry, NY (grades 5-12, coed, day/boarding, 650 students)
Nardin Academy, Buffalo, NY (grades PK-8 coed; 9-12 girls, 917 students)
Notre Dame Academy, Hingham, MA (grades 7-12, girls, 540 students)
The Steward School, Richmond, VA (grades K-12, coed, day, 590 students)
Woodlands Academy of the Sacred Heart, Lake Forest, IL (grades 9-12, girls, day/boarding, 171 students)
Woodstock Day School, Woodstock, NY (grades N-12, coed, day, 197 students)

Searches for July 2014
Academy of Notre Dame, Tyngsboro, MA (grades PreK-8, coed, 9-12 girls, day, 647 students)
Bancroft School, Worcester, MA (grades Pre-K-12, coed, day, 495 students)
Cardinal Newman High School, Santa Rosa, CA (grades 9-12, coed, day 650 students)
CATS Academy Boston, Newton, MA (grades 9-12, coed, boarding/day, 150-250 students)
Chatham Hall, Chatham, VA (grades 9-12, girls, boarding/day, 141 students)
Connelly School of the Holy Child, Potomac, MD (grades 6-12, girls, day, 290 students)
Daycroft Montessori School, Ann Arbor, MI (grades PS-6, coed, day, 230 students)
The French-American School of Rhode Island, Providence, RI (grades PS-8, coed, 99 students)
Grace Episcopal Day School, Orange Park, FL (grades PK3-8, coed, day, 202 students)
Greenwood School, Mill Valley, CA (grades PS-8, coed, day, 156 students)
Harford Day School, Bel Air, MD (grades PK-8, coed, day, 330 students)
Independent Schools Association of the Central State, Chicago, IL
International School Nido de Aguilas, Santiago, Chile (grades PK3-12, coed, day, 1700 students)
The Linsly School, Wheeling, West VA (grades 5-12, coed, day/boarding, 450 students)
Palmer Trinity School, Miami, FL (grades 6-12, coed, day, 600 students)
St. Michael’s Catholic Academy, Austin, TX (grades 9-12, coed, day, 375 students)
St. Michael’s Country Day School, Newport, RI (grades PS-8, coed, day, 214 students)
Totino-Grace High School, Fridley, MN (grades 9-12, coed, day, 803 students)
Trevor Day School, New York, NY (grades N-12, coed, day, 830 students)
Trinity Episcopal School, New Orleans, LA (grades PK-8, coed, day, 385 students)

Searches for July 2013
Chesapeake Academy, Arnold, MD (grades PS-5, coed, day, 320 students)
Chesapeake Bay Academy, Virginia Beach, VA (grades 1-12, coed, day, 105 students)
Fordham Preparatory School, Bronx, NY (grades 9-12, boys, day, 958 students)
Hanahau’oli School, Honolulu, HI (grades JrK-6, coed, day, 208 students)
Hudson Montessori School, Hudson, OH (grades T-8, coed, day, 245 students)
The Miami Valley School, Dayton, OH (grades EC-12, coed, day, 498 students)
Peddie School, Hightstown, NJ (grades 9-12, coed, boarding/day, 520 students)
Rocky Hill School, East Greenwich, RI (grades PS-12, coed, day, 300 students)
Sage School, Foxboro, MA (grades PK-8, coed, day, 171 students)
St. Andrew’s Episcopal School, Austin, TX (grades 1-12, coed, day, 830 students)
St. Barnabas Episcopal School, DeLand, FL (grades PS-8, coed, day, 369 students)
St. Gregory’s College Preparatory School, Tucson, AZ (grades 6-12, coed, day, 384 students)

Searches for July 2012
Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart, Houston, TX (grades K-12, girls, day)
Eagle Hill Southport School, Southport, CT (grades K-8, coed, day, 110 students)
Evergreen School, Shoreline, WA (grades PS-8, coed, day, 400 students)
Golden Hills School, El Dorado Hills, CA (grades JrK-8, coed, day, 200 students)
Gould Academy, Bethel, ME (grades 9-PG, coed, boarding/day, 235 students)
Grace Episcopal Day School, Kensington, MD (grades PS-5, coed, day)
Greenhills School, Ann Arbor, MI (grades 6-12, coed, day, 540 students)
Harbor Day School, Corona del Mar, CA (grades K-8, coed, day, 408 students)
International School of Asia, Karuizawa, Tokyo, Japan (grades 10-12, coed, boarding, 150 students)
Montessori Family School, Berkeley, CA (grades PK-8, coed, day, 240 students)
New Orleans Charter Science and Math High School, LA (grades 9-12, coed day, 360 students)
Northfield Mount Hermon School, Mount Hermon, MA (grades 9-PG, coed boarding/day, 630
Notre Dame de Sion School, Kansas City, MO (PK-8, coed, day, 9-12, girls, day)
River Oaks Baptist School, Houston, TX (grades PK-8, coed, day, 850 students)
St. Martin’s Episcopal School, Metairie, LA (grades PK-12, coed, day, 650 students)
St. Mary’s Episcopal School, Memphis, TN (grades PK-12, girls, day, 869 students)
The Town School, New York, NY (grades N-8, coed, day, 400 students)
West Nottingham Academy, Colora, MD (grades 6-PG, coed, boarding/day, 120 students)
Westland School, Los Angeles, CA (grades K-5, coed, day, 135 students)
Worcester Academy, Worcester, MA (grades 6-PG, coed, boarding/day, 650 students)

Searches for July 2011
The Carey School, San Mateo, CA (grades PK-5, coed, day, 255 students)
The Community School, Sun Valley, ID (grades PK-12, coed, day, 300 students)
Esperanza Charter School, New Orleans, LA (grades K-8, coed, day, 400 students)
Evergreen School, Wheaton, MD (18 months – grade 3, coed, day, 85 students)
The Governor’s Academy, Byfield, MA (grades 9-12, coed boarding/day, 360 students)
Grace-St. Luke’s Episcopal School, Memphis, TN (PreK-8, coed, day, 510 students)
Holy Comforter Episcopal School, Tallahassee, FL (grades PS-8, coed, day, 575 students)
Idyllwild Arts Academy, Idyllwild, CA (grades 9-12, coed, boarding/day, 275 students)
The Logan School for Creative Learning, Denver, CO (grades K-8, coed, day, 250 students)
Marin Horizon School, Mill Valley, CA (grades PS-8, coed, day, 261 students)
The Marin School, Sausalito, CA (grades 9-12, coed, day, 85 students)
The Northwest School, Seattle, WA (grades 6-12, coed, day/boarding, 445 students)
Oregon Episcopal School, Portland, OR (grades Beginners-12, coed, day/boarding, 817 students)
Rocky Hill School, East Greenwich, RI (grades PK-12, coed, day, 340 students)
St. Paul’s School, Concord, NH (grades 9-12, coed, boarding, 535 students)
Seattle Girls School, Seattle, WA (grades 5-8, girls, day, 130 students)
Secondary School Admission Test Board, Princeton, NJ (SSATB)
Verde Valley Academy, Sedona, AZ (grades 9-PG, coed, boarding/day, 125 students)

Searches for July 2010
The Albany Academies, Albany, NY (grades K-12, coed, day, 650 students)
Archway School, Oakland, CA (grades K-8, coed, day, 110 students)
Children’s Day School, San Francisco, CA (grades PS-8, coed, day, 285 students)
The Episcopal School of Baton Rouge, LA (grades PS-12, coed, day 1016 students)
Far Brook School, Short Hills, NJ (grades PS-8, coed, day, 234 students)
Giddens School, Seattle, WA (grades N-5, coed, day, 170 students)
The Independent School, Wichita, KS (grades PK-12, coed, day, 750 students)
Link Community School, Newark, NJ (grades 7 and 8, coed, day, 128 students)
Lowell Whiteman School, Steamboat Springs, CO (grades 9-12, coed, day/boarding, 105 students)
New Jersey Association of Independent Schools, NJ
Walnut Hill School, Natick, MA (grades 9-12, coed boarding/day, 300 students)
The Wesley School, North Hollywood, CA (grades K-8, coed, day, 220 students)
Williston Northampton School, Easthampton, MA (grades 7-13, coed, boarding/day, 542 students)