Chief Executive Searches

First, A Little Background about our Philosophy…

We started the company because we disagreed with the prevailing philosophy of search firms at that time. Their philosophy was  “There are top, A-level candidates and they can run any school”.

From firsthand experience, we knew that wasn’t the case. Important factors such as school size, configuration, culture, specific issues, state of organizational growth, had to be considered.

So, from the very beginning, our company has been centered on finding leaders who fit the individual schools. On your behalf, we search for, we entice, we discover qualified candidates for your school. We are a search firm, not a placement agency.

"You stood out for your commitment to understanding the mission
and values of our school so as to recruit not simply the candidate with the best resume,
but the candidate that most appropriately reflected the values, mission, and
needs of our school at this stage in our development.

You did a masterful job of guiding our search committee
through the process of finding a new head of school."

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Next Steps

We welcome the opportunity to talk with you about your search. We are happy to share with you our key steps in a successful search process. And, by learning more about your school, we can make suggestions on tailoring the search process for your school.

Our client list of over 300 international and national searches includes all types of schools – from boarding to day, Catholic to Jewish to Episcopalian, coed to single gender, military to Montessori.

As part of our written proposal, we will provide you with a list of all of our past and current clients. We encourage you to contact the search chairs. And, we can provide you with a list of candidates who can share their experiences with our firm.


We look forward to talking with you.


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