Senior Administrative Searches

"Educational Directions did a superb job with our two senior administrative searches.
The consultants successfully earned the trust of our search committees, and they
recruited highly qualified candidates."
Taylor Stockdale, Head of The Webb Schools, CA

With our national and international connections in the independent school world, we recruit interested and qualified educators, screen them to ensure a match with the needs and culture of your school, and present you with a list of top candidates.

Candidates trust our ability to understand the essence of your school, to assess their fit for your position, and present them realistically to you.

This is a retained search and we charge a flat fee for our work.

Our services include:

  • School visit to collect information and impressions that lead to a confidential assessment of the challenges and leadership needs for your search
  • Outreach and advertising
  • Ongoing support of candidates
  • Ongoing support to the Head and/or members of the search committee with all aspects of the search process
  • Collection of required documents
  • Research on each candidate whom the school wishes to pursue, including reference checking


For schools seeking our help with only the recruiting and research of candidates, we can provide a more limited consulting service.

We welcome the opportunity to talk with you.

Please contact Risa Oganesoff Heersche