Navigating the Search Process: What Do We Expect From You?

  1. An e-mail address, so we can communicate with each other in a timely fashion
  2. Punctuality in meeting deadlines for sending us requested materials for your file. All materials can be e-mailed to us. (See more about those materials below.)
  3. Candor during our interview with you about yourself, your experiences, your strengths, and your weaknesses
  4. Openness in updating us on your status in other searches and their time lines
  5. Preparedness. In addition to the position description, we recommend that you visit the school’s web site, talk to colleagues, and call us with questions. In the initial stages, we welcome your interest in learning more about a particular school and exploring “the fit.”
  6. That you will let us know immediately if you decide to withdraw from the search, at any time, as you discover more about the school
  7. That—before agreeing to become a finalist—you have had conversations with your family, and they are supportive of a possible move
  8. Openness in sharing with us your expectations for your spouse’s employment, your children’s schooling, and your own compensation and benefits package. This conversation should precede your decision to become a semi-finalist.