Learn about what differentiates our company

1. Our access to and trust by candidates

Will we find you the most qualified group of candidates for your search? Yes.

Our ability to network is extensive — with chief executives, with executive directors of national, regional and state independent school organizations, with senior administrators.

As the publisher of the only national report that lists chief executive openings for independent schools (The Blue Sheet), we also have confidential access to aspiring leaders who are interested in advancing their professional careers.

Our reputation for integrity and for matching candidates with appropriate schools means that, when we come to them and say “You should look at this opportunity”, they do!

2. Our Consultants

This is our full-time job. The consultant(s) you interview are the people who will carry out all of the work on your search. We do not employ assistants or secretaries to make reference calls, or to inform potential candidates about the school. We feel very strongly that, in order to best represent a school and to convey its culture, challenges and opportunities, only the people who have met with the Search Committee and carried out the site visit are in a position to do so. We are your Ambassadors.

Furthermore, we help you to make the most from the other advantages of a search. These include: enhanced board leadership; clarification, understanding and consensus around school issues; building community; heightening the visibility of the school’s reputation on a national and international level.

3. Our Integrity

We do not believe in charging anything other than a flat fee. Search Committees often ask us to advise them in the area of a compensation package for the new head so we would never base our fee on a percentage of the head’s salary.

As company policy, we will not work for a new client if it is a school that would be seen as a competitor by a current client.

And, knowing the amount of time that is involved in a search, we make sure that each of us limits ourselves to no more than 4 searches on the same time line.